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Valve operations

AxFlow GB has a range of APV butterfly valves that can be operated in a range of ways. 

AxFlow GB has 3 main actuated valve options; 

  • Manual

Manual valve actuator is powered by hand. They are generally self-contained and easy to operate whilst being cost effective.

  • Actuated-  Air to spring ( normally open or normally closed)

Normally closed valves are designed to block flow and work as safety devices. To operate the valve it uses a spring actions to remain closed- The valve will begin to open the systems begins to experience overpressure. Normally open valves are also used as safety devices, however in contrast to normally closed valves, they work to maintain low pressure in system. Normally open valves are designed to allow liquid or gas to flow through in usual circumstances.

  • Actuated Air to Air 

There is also the option of air to air type actuators, where compressed air positions the disco to either the open or closed position. 

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