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Almatec Chemicor Pump

Almatec Chemicor Pump

AOD pumps with no dead spaces and high contaiment max flow 25m3/hr max pressure 7 bar

Product description

These metal pneumatic diaphragm pumps feature soft contours, smooth flow channels and no dead spaces. CHEMICOR pumps contain a center block made of nylon or PE.

Product features
Type AOD/AODD Pumps
Alignment Horizontal
Seal Seal-Less
Coupled Close
Max. capacity 6666.66667 l/min
Max. temperature 130° Celsius
Max. differential head/pressure 7 bar
Max. head 70 m
Pompe Almatec Chemicor
Model Max. capacity [l/min] Max. diff. press. [bar] Max. diam. solids [mm] Max. temp. [C] Dry suction lift [m] Wet suction lift [m]
AD 20 75 7 9 130 2 9 6
AD 32 150 7 12 130 2 9 13
AD 50 400 7 14 130 3 9 29
All certifications and standards listed for each product are certified by the manufacturer of each product and remain the manufacturer’s liability.
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Almatec Chamber Barrier

The Almatec Barrier system provides increased liquid containment and an alarm if this is breached.

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Almatec Pulsation damper

The ALMATEC pulsation damper series ET represents the latest generation of active pulsation dampers.

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Almatec Diaphragm Monitor

The Almatec Diaphragm Monitor with signal an alarm and trigger the isolation of the pump should the diaphragm rupture.

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Almatec Chamber Drain

Safely and easily drain your pump with the Almatec Chamber Drain System.

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