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Mag drive or mech sealed pumps for flows to 50 m3/hr

Product description

ROUTE pumps are available in magnetic driven and mechanical seal versions for pumping a diverse range of chemicals with impurities and suspended solids.

A patented system for dry running without damage is available for the magnetic driven “T” version. ARGAL’s ex-proof configuration made of PP or E-CTFE + carbon fiber makes ROUTE pumps ideal for operating in explosive atmospheres.

The pumps can also be fitted with a stainless steel casing harness to improve their physical robustness.

Strong magnetic coupling made of rare-earth materials(Neodimium Iron Boron) and “N” (standard), “P”(powered) or “S” (strongly powered) versions allow topump liquids with 1.05 - 1.35 - 1.8 specific grativy respectively.

Product features
Type Centrifugal Pumps
Materials ECTFE, Polypropylene
Coupled Close
Max. capacity 50 m³/h
Min. temperature -30° Celsius
Max. temperature 90° Celsius
Max. head 41 m
Argal Route
All certifications and standards listed for each product are certified by the manufacturer of each product and remain the manufacturer’s liability.
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