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Wernert NE

Wernert NE

ISO 2858/5199 lined Pumps for corrosive abrasive solid ladened liquids 1000 m3/hr heads of 125 m

Product description

ISO 2858 plastic lined pumps designed to convey aggressive, solid ladened and toxic liquids.  They are designed around a solid pump casing which results in a particularly robust construction.  The mechanically sealed pumps are also able to handle abrasive liquids when manufactured in PE

Product features
User benefits
Type Centrifugal Pumps
Alignment Horizontal
Seal Mechanical Seal
Materials PE, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF
Coupled Long
Max. capacity 1000 m³/h
Max. viscosity 200 cP
Min. temperature -50° Celsius
Max. temperature 160° Celsius
Max. differential head/pressure 12.5 bar
Max. head 125 m
All certifications and standards listed for each product are certified by the manufacturer of each product and remain the manufacturer’s liability.
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