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Realax IP Series

Realax IP Series

Hose pumps up to 25 m3/hr

Product description

A suite of industrial hose pumps that utilise shoes to compress the hose rather than rollers giving a more even and longer sealing area. They are fitted with inverter driven motors and have sturdy reinforced hoses.

Product features
Type Peristaltic Pumps
Alignment Horizontal
Seal Seal-Less
Coupled Close
Max. capacity 35 m³/h
Min. viscosity 1 mPa·s
Max. viscosity 25000 mPa·s
Max. temperature 65° Celsius
Max. differential head/pressure 8 bar
Перисталтични помпи Realax, серия IP
Model Max. capacity [m3/h] Max. diff. press. [bar] Disp. rev. [l/rev.] Max. temp. [C]
IP-30 1.7 8 0.433 65 62
IP-40 3.4 8 0.86 65 89
IP-50 5 8 1.47 65 140
IP-60 10 8 3.16 65 235
IP-70 18.5 8 6.72 65 440
IP-70D 35 8 13.4 - 850
All certifications and standards listed for each product are certified by the manufacturer of each product and remain the manufacturer’s liability.
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