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Ethylene Glycol and Propolyene Glycol are amongst the most common liquids due to their use as part of heating and cooling systems.

At AxFlow, we have an extensive range of pumps suitable for Ethylene Glycol and Propolyene Glycol pumping applications for use across industries in the UK.

Our choice of pumps not only includes cast iron circulation pumps and ATEX certified stainless steel pumps but also magnetic drive pumps that reduce the thermal transfer between the motor and fluid in the pump chamber. We can handle liquids with temperatures as low a - 150 oC.


Key considerations when pumping Glycol

  • Temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure

The fluid tends to not be corrosive so nearly all materials are chemically compatible; it is temperature that is the limiting factor in selection. Where the temperature is not dangerous and the pressure is low, a mechanical shaft seal centrifugal pump is most common. Where pressures and temperatures tend to be high, it is recommended that a mag drive pump is used.

As the temperature increases, the viscosity of the glycol mix becomes lower and the fluid becomes more ‘searching’, thus leaving mechanical seals relatively vulnerable.

Glycol mixtures will eventually degrade with impurities. This is common in the case of higher temperatures, therefore to prevent corrosion and other reactions it is highly recommended that the internals of the pumps are to be inspected for any signs of corrosion from new compounds.

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