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Chocolate is a surprisngly difficult substance to pump due to a unique combination of properties.


Several factors related to chocolate's peculiar mixture of properties need to be considered when it comes to pumping it.

  • Chocolate is extremely sensitive to temperature; too hot and it will degenerate or even burn, too cold and it solidifies.
  • Chocolate's structure is delicate as the cocoa butter and cocoa solids can easily separate if subjected to high degrees of shear.
  • Chocolate can be abrasive.
  • Chocolate will coat the internal surfaces and sealing areas of a pump.
  • Not all chocolate products are the same and can have different viscosities, structures and may contain additional ingredients such as nuts, fruit and dairy products.
  • Many chocolate processes require hygienic certified designs.
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Pumping Chocolate - Not An Easy Job

An Overview of AxFlow's Approach to pump chocolate products

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