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Cosmetic Creams

Cosmetic creams require extreme care when being pumped, as they are very sensitive to temperature and shear.

AxFlow Uk's  range of positive displacement pumps available across the UK include  rotary vane, hose, eccentric rotating and a variety of diaphragm pumps allows us to offer a variety of solutions.

Creams present four basic challenges:

  1. Cream properties can be changed considerably by temperature.
  2. Many creams require an extremely high level of hygiene and contact with the outside atmosphere could compromise the creams properties making it imperative that care is taken over the seal arrangement.
  3. Creams are very shear-sensitive, requiring pumps that can reliably deliver a low-shear rate. 
  4. Easy cleanability and maintenance is essential.
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Sanitary Pumps

AxFlow are established UK leaders in the field of sanitary pumps and hygienic pumps for pharmaceutical applications. 

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