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Sanitary Pumps

AxFlow are established UK leaders in the field of sanitary pumps and hygienic pumps for pharmaceutical applications. 

Pumping personal care products such as creams, cosmetics, toothpaste, foams and oral hygeine presents a range of challenges. The need for gentle, low shear pumping action. Accuracy, high levels of hygiene. AxFlows wide range of positive displacement pumps, allows us to offer a larger number of suitable options with saintary designs. 


AxFlow UK boasts the widest range of sanitary and food grade pumps in the UK. Our range includes many hygienic centrifugal pumps and sanitary positive displacement models for use as high viscosity pumps. AxFlow is the exclusive UK distributor for APV.                                       

Our hygienic pump portfolio covers low shear rotray lobe and eccentric disc pumps, AOD pumps, hygienic stainless steel centrifugal pumps, and vane pumps. AxFlow offers many EHEDG pumps and 3A certified pumps as well as using FDA and 1935 approved materials. 

Food Grade Centrifugal pumps for use in food and beverage production.

Hygienic AODD pumps designed and built with materials suitable for food production in mind.

AxFlow UK offers several ranges of food grade eccentric disc pumps.

All of our external circumferential disc pumps are ATEX rated range offers the benefits of low shear pumping with ATEX certification.

AxFlow's range of realax peristaltic pumps are all available as ATEX rated pumps.

Vane pumps can find a range of problem solving applications in the food industry.

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Sanitary and hygienic rotary lobe and external circumferential piston pumps.

Sanitary pump typical applications

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Sanitary pumps are extensively used in the food and beverage industry for transferring liquid and viscous products without compromising hygiene. They are used for pumping various food products like dairy products, beverages, sauces, condiments, and liquid ingredients.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, maintaining a sterile environment is critical to ensuring product safety and quality. Sanitary pumps are used to transfer pharmaceutical ingredients, sterile liquids, and various formulations without the risk of contamination.

  • Brewing and Beverage Production: For breweries and beverage production facilities, sanitary pumps are crucial for transferring wort, beer, and other liquids during the brewing process. The pumps help prevent contamination and maintain product quality.

  • Dairy Industry: In dairy processing, sanitary pumps are used for transferring milk, cream, yogurt, and other dairy products. These pumps are designed to handle viscous and temperature-sensitive fluids while meeting strict hygiene standards.

  • Chemical and Agrochemical Industry: Some chemical processes require maintaining sanitary conditions to prevent contamination or reactions. Sanitary pumps can be used for transferring chemicals and agrochemicals in cases where cleanliness is a priority.

  • Water Treatment and Purification: Sanitary pumps are employed in water treatment and purification systems, especially in industries where clean and safe water supply is crucial, such as for pharmaceutical-grade water or cleanroom environments.

  • Personal Hygiene and Healthcare Products: Sanitary pumps can be found in the manufacturing of personal hygiene products like hand sanitizers, soaps, and disinfectants. These pumps ensure that the products remain free from contaminants.

When selecting sanitary pumps for specific applications, factors such as pump material, design, cleaning capabilities, and regulatory compliance should be considered to meet industry standards and maintain product quality. It's important to work with pump manufacturers and suppliers who have expertise in providing solutions for sanitary and hygienic processes.

Axflow UK are able to pump some of the most Viscous and sensitive fluids. 

Click the image to find out more about our sanitray pump repair. 

The importance of Sanitary pump maintenance

Maintaining sanitary pumps is crucial to ensure the integrity and safety of processes in industries where hygiene and sterility are vital. Regular maintenance routines involve meticulous cleaning, sterilization, and inspection of all components to prevent the possibility of contamination and uphold overall product quality. Thorough disassembly, cleaning with approved solutions, and proper reassembly are critical steps. Additionally, adherence to industry regulations, documentation of maintenance procedures, and continuous training for personnel are essential to guarantee consistent and effective operation of sanitary pumps.

System Cleaners provide all segments in the food and beverage industry with state-of-the-art manual and automated cleaning solutions

Exclusive APV Distributor

AxFlow are APV's exclusive distributor for the UK. The APV product portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixers and homogenizers.

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Hygienic Pump Design

The food industry is extensively regulated and at AxFlow UK, we ensure to offer the best approved equipment to you and your business. Please find our overview of the different hygienic approval...

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Aseptic Pumps

AxFlow offer a range of pumps suitable for aseptic manufacturing processess.

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Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pumps

sanitary and hygienic rotary lobe and external circumferential piston pumps.

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Food Grade AODD Pumps

AxFlow offers a range of AODD pumps for sanitary and hygienic applications

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Food Grade Eccentric Disc Pumps

AxFlow UK offers several ranges of food grade eccentric disc pumps.

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