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Sanitary Pumps

AxFlow are established UK leaders in the field of sanitary pumps and hygienic pumps for pharmaceutical applications. 

Pumping personal care products such as creams, cosmetics, toothpaste, foams and oral hygeine presents a range of challenges. The need for gentle, low shear pumping action. Accuracy, high levels of hygiene. AxFlows wide range of positive displacement pumps, allows us to offer a larger number of suitable options with saintary designs. 

AxFlow UK boasts the widest range of sanitary and food grade pumps in the UK. Our range includes many hygienic centrifugal pumps and sanitary positive displacement models for use as high viscosity pumps. AxFlow is the exclusive UK distributor for APV.                                       

Our hygienic pump portfolio covers low shear rotray lobe and eccentric disc pumps, AOD pumps, hygienic stainless steel centrifugal pumps, and vane pumps. AxFlow offers many EHEDG pumps and 3A certified pumps as well as using FDA and 1935 approved materials. 

Axflow UK are able to pump some of the most Viscous and sensitive fluids. 

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Exclusive APV Distributor

AxFlow are APV's exclusive distributor for the UK. The APV product portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixers and homogenizers.

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Hygienic Pump Design

The food industry is extensively regulated and at AxFlow UK, we ensure to offer the best approved equipment to you and your business. Please find our overview of the different hygienic approval...

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Aseptic Pumps

AxFlow offer a range of pumps suitable for aseptic manufacturing processess.

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Sensitive and Viscous Fluids

The best type of pump for sensitive and viscous fluids is normally a positive displacement pump. AxFlow are the UK's leading supplier of postive displacement pumps.

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Food Grade Rotary Lobe Pumps

Food grade and hygienic rotary lobe and external circumferential piston pumps.

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Food Grade AODD Pumps

AxFlow offers a range of AODD pumps for sanitary and hygienic applications

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Food Grade Eccentric Disc Pumps

AxFlow UK offers several ranges of food grade eccentric disc pumps.

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