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Anaerobic Digestion

The solids loading and rheological properties of the slurry found in anaerobic digestion plants are extremely variable making anaerobic plants a difficult pumping application.

Pumps for anaerobic plants need to be both reliable and easy to maintain, capable of handling substantial amounts of solids without blocking and with materials of construction that offer high wear resistance.

Pumps for anaerobic digestion plants need the flowwing characteristics.

  • Excellent solids handling capability.
  • Resistance to blocking from hair and stringy materials.
  • The ability to cope with viscous liquids.
  • Steep pump curves making their flow resilient to changes in pipe friction.
  • Resistance to damage from abrasion.


AxFlow offer 4 products suitable for pumping applications involving sludges and slurries found in anaerobic plants.





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