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Automatic Satellite Stations

The automatic satellite AS is applied in automatic open plant cleaning solutions for processing equipment in the food and beverage industry.

The satellite is made from high-quality materials in a hygienic design suitable for the processing environment. High chemical resistance of components makes it a solid and reliable cleaning unit.

It is connected to a supply of boosted water and prediluted or concentrated detergents, a compressed air supply, a 24V AC or DC control voltage and it is operated by a controller. The controller runs the cleaning sequences and controls the nozzle systems through the connected segment valves and determines when the segment valves open and close, and how long each sequence runs. 

The unit has a built-in valve island that controls the internal valves of the unit and may be extended to facilitate control of external segments – up to 18 in total.

It performs rinsing, foam application and disinfection.*

The automatic satellite is available in two capacities: 150 liter/min and 200 liter/min. with the option of bypass for higher flow, and up to three chemical inlets for prediluted or concentrated chemicals. It requires connection to a boosted water supply from a System Cleaners main station, pump station or booster station.

Additionally, there are two versions of each capacity: AS 150/200 which is only automatic and ASM 150/200 which has an integrated manual satellite for manual cleaning (not concurrent). The satellite is therefore available in a wide range of variants. 

The AS and ASM automatic satellites are wall-mounted and protected by a stainless-steel cabinet. It is applicable for decentral, central or hybrid chemical supply. Central and hybrid solutions require supply of prediluted detergents.

Available with BSP and NPT thread.

*Depending on the variant

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