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Carbon Steel Pumps

Axflow UK has a range of pumps in Carbon Steel including ISO 5199 and API 610

Carbon steel is a type of steel that has more carbon in than other steels, making it a poular pump material. Its split into three areas; low carbon steel, medium and high carbon steel. Low-carbon steel contains less than 0.25 percent of carbon; medium-carbon steel contains 0.25 percent to 0.55 percent carbon; and high-carbon steel is all other kinds of carbon steel.  High carbon steel properties include very high strength, extreme hardness and resistance to wear, it has a moderate ductility, a measure of a material's ability to tolerate being deformed without actually breaking. 

Low-carbon steel is more pliable and less brittle, which can improve its effectiveness for certain applications while lowering its effectiveness for other applications. Medium carbon-steel is somewhere in between, it’s stronger and more durable than low carbon steel but still offers some ductility.

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