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ETFE Pumps

AxFlow UK have numerous pumps manufactured from ETFE 

ETFE pumps (Ethylene tetrafluorothylene) are fluorine based plastics, equipped with a high melting point and excellent chemical, electrical and high energy radiation resistance property. ETFE has superior impact strength, abrasion and cut through resistance than PTFE. ETFE pumps have a working temperature range of -50°C to 100°C.

Carbon filled ETFE-C is the material of choice for many ATEX rated pumps as the carbon makes the material electrically conductive.

ETFE has several benefits that makes it an ideal pump material; 

  • Excellent resistance to extremes of temperature
  • Chemical resistance
  • Strong resistance to weathering and aging
  • Outstanding mechanical strength; its superior to many other fluoropolymers.

AxFlow Chemical Compatibility Guide

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