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ECP Pumps

How external circumferential piston pumps work

External Circumferential Piston (ECP) pumps are different to rotary lobe pumps.They operate on the circumferential piston principle whereby arc shaped rotor wings (pistons) travel in annular shaped cylinders machined in the pump body. 

This results in a long sealing path, wide inlet/outlet orifices and large fluid cavities.

The long sealing path reduces slippage and produces a smooth flow of product without destructive pulses or pressure peaks, and without valves or complex parts.

The wide orifices and large fluid cavity allow ECP pumps to handle large solids and abrasive liquids.

The combination of these features means that ECP pumps 

  • offer an extremely gental pumping action,
  • the ability to handle viscous fluids of up to 200,000 cP.
  • and an extremely consistant flow.



Viscosity Measurement

Using this our rheometer AxFlow can measure the viscosity of a liquid and produce a plot of a fluid's viscosity against various shear rates, shear stress and temperatures.

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Hygienic and food grade pumps

Hygienic liquid applications require special attention as mistakes can have many negative ramifications.

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Waukesha Pump Repair Services

AxFlow has created a standard one day pump training course with the flexibility to suit individual companies' requirements.

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