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Auger Feeder

AxFlow's Auger Feeder Pumping Systems are designed to process a wide variety of heavy and viscous products which cannot be pumped by pumps on their own or pumps fed with hopper feeders. if you need specialist help or advice, please get in touch with our UK based team.


The system consists of three main components

  1. The feeder
  2. Pump.
  3. Variable Speed Drive and control system

The feeder takes the product and moves it into the inlet port of the pump keeping it constantly full which allows the pump to transfer the product at a metered rate and pressure.


All of our screw feeders are purpose made so that they provide the optimum design for both the product and the pump. They can incorporate a bridge breaker should this be required for viscous products.



At AxFlow UK we don't just use any rotary lobe but Waukesha circumferential piston pumps that have arc shaped rotor wings resulting in a long sealing path, this offers low pump slippage, easy maintenance, low service life and the ability to pump liquids with both high and low viscosity.

If necessary the pumps can be constructed with wide rectangular inlets to easy the product entry into the pump chamber.


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