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Vertical Pumps

AxFlow offer one of the largest ranges of vertical pumps in the UK from plastic sump pumps to large axial flow units.

AxFlow UK have many ranges of sem-submersible cantilever pumps including radial flow, turbine, axial flow in both plastic and several metals.



Vertical Line Shaft Pumps

Gruppo Aturia have one of the largest ranges of vertical line shaft pumps in the world. We are proud to work with Gruppo Aturia to bring this specially selected range to the UK.

more about vertical Line Shaft Pumps

Borehole Pumps

AxFlow represent Gruppo Aturia the world leaders in large Borehole Pumps from sizes above 6" upwards.

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Large Pump Repair

AxFlow have become one of the leading repairers of large pumps in the UK

read more about large pump repair
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