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Remote Monitoring Equipment

There are only three elements to the AxFlow pump monitoring equipment.

There are only two pieces of harware required by the system.



  • Single or triaxial piezo vibration and temperature sensor.
  • Mounted via magnet or threaded connection.
  • ATEX rated (II 1GD Ex ia IIC T4).
  • Powered by a standard camera batteries.
  • Communicate with data collector via separate wifi system.
  • IP66
  • Variable data collection

We believe that only 1 single axis sensor is required for nearly all pump applications. A single sensor will capture 80% of the vibration data and give a very good  indication of the overall vibration levels. If the pump is particularly critical or proving difficult to diagnose when it comes to faults then more sensors can be easily applied.

  • Can handle 60 sensors.
  • Standard 230v 50hz.
  • Safe area or  ATEX version available.
  • Can use either 3G, 4G, Ethernet, site Wi-Fi.
  • IP66.
Pump Monitoring Team
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