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Remote Monitoring

AxFlow UK are experts in pumps including both centrifugal and positive displacement types. Following a 2 year development phase AxFlow have created a simple, and flexible pump monitoring system supported by AxFlow's trained vibration analysts that allows you to permanently monitor your pumps and process equipment wherever in the UK you are based.



  • ATEX rated vibration (single or triaxial) and temperature sensors.
  • Internal Wifi communication between sensors and data collector, with a maximum range of 300 metres.
  • Data transmitted from the data collector via 3G/4G, ethernet or WiFi.
  • Simple to use web browser to view data.
  • Text or email alerts based on easy to setup thresholds.
  • There are no monthly subscripition fees.


There is a lot of hype, philosophical talk and exaggerated claims when it comes to condition monitoring; at AxFlow UK we hope to cut through this and offer a system based on four simple principles.


Keep it Practical

  • Our system is simple with only 2 pieces of hardware.
  • No knowledge of vibration analysis is required to use the system.
  • We make no exaggerated claims.
  • Our system is based around pumps as this is our area of expertise.
  • Sensors can be moved between equipment and sites.
  • There are two pieces of software that allows the separation of the simple overview of equipment from deeper analysis.
  • Our system is extremely flexible in terms of it's application but also it's communication methods and management.
  • Any number of sensors can be applied to a piece of equipment depending on its importance.
  • The level of your involvement is completely flexible - you can 100% of it's management or let us do it all.
  • As the data collector can handle 60 sensors following an initial installation, sensors can be added incrementally.
  • The sensors can be fitted onto any piece of rotating or vibration equipment.


The Best Technology

  • Our system uses it's own internal WiFi (2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4).
  • Communication with our cloud server can be with WiFi, Ethernet cables or 3/4G
  • Our system can be ATEX certified.
  • Ours system has been calibrated to work down to low frequencies.


Provide Support

  • We have established an IT infrastructure that you can piggy back off.
  • AxFlow have established a cloud server that allows you access to your data from anywhere you want.
  • We can monitor the data for you and analysis vibration spectrums and waveforms if required.
  • Althougfh extremely simple to install AxFlow can carryout the installation of the equipment.

It's Not Just About Vibration Analysis

Successful condition monitoring isn't really about expertise in vibration analysis but

  • A good working understanding of the overall process.
  • Knowledge of the equipment being monitored.
  • Having good monitoring equipment.

So, whe it comes to pump expertise.

  • AxFlow have over 65 years of experience when it comes to pumps which gives us the ability to interpret the causes of issues identified by the vibration data and suggest practical solutions.
  • We have carried out a programme of pump run tests in order to indentify the specific vibration charateristics of all pump types and their failure modes.


Remote Monitoring Equipment

There are only three elements to the AxFlow pump monitoring equipment

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Remote Monitoring Software

Remote online vibration monitoring and analysis software

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Pump Vibration Data Programme

AxFlow are carrying out a programme of pump performance and vibration tests to provide detailed diagnostic data for our customers.

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Our Approach

AxFlow applies a simple, practical and realistic approach to condition monitoring

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Pump Monitoring Team
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