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Centrifugal Pumps for Abrasives

Some of the most demanding liquids are those that contain abrasive particles.

When it comes to centrifugal pumps there are two main solutions to coping with abrasive fluids.

  • To use a hard, wear-resistant material for the internal components such as PE, chrome or FRP.
  • Reduce the velocity of the fluid in the pump chamber by using a low shear and slow pumping action.
  • Utilise a pumping action which reduces the liquid's contact with the internal pump components. 

We have three main manufacturers who design centrifugal pumps for abrasive lquids available for dispacha dn installation across the UK.



Who manufacture robust centrifugal pumps lined with various materials including PE.



Argal specialise in non-metallic pumps and as part of their portflio offer FRP pumps which are resistant to abrasive fluids.



A part of the Weir group Warman pumps feature reccessed impellers which create a vortex in front of the impeller so reducing the liquid flow around the impeller and pump chamber. Warman pumps can also be supplied with High Chrome internal surfaces making them more wear resistant.



Hidrostal manufacture screw centrifugal pumps which offers a low shear, gentle pumping action

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