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Pomp voor brouwerijen en dranken.

AxFlow Brewing and Distilling equiptment

AxFlow has an extremely comprehensive range of products for brewing and distilling industries that include pumps, heat exchangers and valves across the UK.

AxFlow has been supplying pumps to the Food and Beverage sector for over
50 years, so we understand the pros and cons of the various different pump
types available to us. We like to think we have the most technically correct
and cost effective answer for every application in the Brewing and Distilling Industry.

AxFlow are the UK's exclusive distributor for APV products. Click here

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Hygienic and food grade pumps

Hygienic liquid applications require special attention as mistakes can have many negative ramifications.

read more about sanitary and food grade pumps

Heat Exchangers

AxFlow specialise in the supply of high specification APV heat exchangers. We offer three very different types of heat exhangers giving us the ability to respond to nearly every application.

read more about apv heat exchangers

APV Valves

APV are market leaders in hygienic valves. APV valves have been designed to meet customers' priorities of problem free product flow, safe separation of fluids and ease of maintenance and cleaning...

read more about apv valves
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