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Pumping Hexane

Hexane, a vital chemical solvent in various industrial processes, poses unique challenges during pumping. At AxFlow, we excel in providing tailored solutions for Hexane pumping needs.

Handling Hexane with Precision and Safety

Hexane, a key chemical solvent, presents unique challenges in pumping due to its low viscosity and propensity for fluid slippage, inadequate lubrication, and boiling issues. AxFlow, recognized as the foremost authority in chemical pumps, offers specialized solutions for Hexane applications. Our carefully selected pumps, centered around magnetic drive and canned pump technologies, ensure efficient and safe Hexane transfers. Navigating challenges with expertise, AxFlow guarantees precision and reliability in every pump, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industrial settings.

Examples of Hexane and Its Applications

  • Hexane Solvent: Widely used as a solvent in various industries, including pharmaceuticals and adhesives.
  • Extraction Medium: Utilized in oilseed processing for extracting oil from seeds like soybeans.
  • Laboratory Use: Commonly employed in laboratories for analytical purposes and experiments.
  • Adhesive Production: Integral component in the production of adhesives, ensuring effective bonding in manufacturing processes.

AxFlow, with its specialized pumps and industry-leading knowledge, ensures seamless Hexane transfers, meeting the stringent demands of industrial applications.