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Pumping Seawater

AxFlow have numerous different types of seawater pumps

Seawater is surprisingly difficult to pump due to its corrosive nature, higher than normal specific gravity and presence of sand and grit.

Pumping seawater is also one of the most common types of pumping applications ranging from cooling water, fish farming dewatering and impounding pumps in docks, seawater lift pumps on oil rigs, fire pumps, aquariums and requirements for large volumes of seawater for various processes.AxFlow can offer all of the types of pumps used for seawater from submersible pumps, line shaft pumps, magnetic drive pumps.

The materials used for seawater pumps have varied over the years with different industries adopting different materials. AxFlow offers all of the materials used by the various industries for seawater pumps including cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, duplex, super duplex FPR and polypropylene.

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Seawater Lift Pumps

AxFlow represents both Gruppo Aturia and Finder pumps in the UK to offer the best range of seawater pump options.

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Offshore heating & cooling pumps

AxFlow UK are able to offer smaller pumps that comply with API 685 which are suitable for offshore heating and cooling circuits.

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