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Bitumen and bitumen emulsions can be viscous, shear sensitive and are often pumped at temperatures in excess of 200 oC


Our wide range of UK available positive displacement pumps give AxFlow many choices when it comes to pumps for bitumen. Our pumps can be used for transfer duties; pushing cargo from one tank to another, from tank to mixing plant, to and from weigh kettles or for unloading and loading road and rail tankers.

Pump types from our range normally associated with pumping bitumen include:

  • Vane pumps.
  • Peristalic hose pumps.
  • Lobe pumps.


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Bitumen Transfer

Vane pumps for bitumen transfer

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Calculating Shear Rates

Calculating the shear rate of liquids when being pumped can be critical to a process' performance.

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