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Non Newtonian Fluids

Non Newtonian liquids' properties change as a result of shear.

Non-Newtonian liquids change in viscosity depending on the shear rate; some are shear thinning such as paint, whereas others are shear thickening such as corn starch, As a result of this, non-Newtonian liquids require special consideration when their transfer is considered.


Type of behaviour




Viscosity decreases with stress over time



Viscosity increases with stress over time

Whipping Cream

Pseudoplastic (Shear thinning)

Viscosity decreases with increased stress


Dilatant (Shear Thickening)

Viscosity increases with increased stress

Corn Starch (Oobleck)

Despite the various and completely opposite behaviour of these non Newtoian liquids wehn pumping, it all comes down to avoiding shear and heat. Because of our long history with positive displacement pumps, AxFlow has a wide variety of the best positive displacement pumps that offer a low shear pumping action to ensure you the best result.

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Calculating Shear Rates

Calculating the shear rate of liquids when being pumped can be critical to a process' performance.

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