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Low Viscosity Liquids

 AxFlow UK offers a specialised selection of several pump types capable of handling low viscosity liquids.

In comparison to pumping high viscosity, pump selection for pumping low viscosity fluids tends to be far less complex.

Centrifugal pumps tend to be best suited for pumping fluids with low viscosity fluids as the pump’s performance is not greatly affected by small changes in viscosity. For liquids slightly thicker than water, pump performance may potentially be reduced, and there may be an increase in power draw. AxFlow offer a vast range of Centrifugal pumps that are perfect for pumping low viscosity fluids.

Moreover, Peristaltic pumps can essentially handle both high as well as low viscosity fluids, and are able to run dry without the chance of pump failure occuring and have a flow rate that is proportional to the rotation speed. This renders them highly sutable suitable for repeatable dosing applications. AxFlow offer a range of Peristaltic pumps such as our RealAx range, along with Peristaltic pump hose replacements, for various Bredel hose & tube pumps.

Two main problems for general pumps when pumping low viscosity fluid

  • Liquid slippage
  • Lubrication


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