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API Pumps

AxFlow are UK expetrts in the supply of API 610, API 685, API 676, API 675, and API 674 pumps

AxFlow UK offers a range of API pumps including not only API 610 but also magnetically driven pumps and several positive displacement pump types. These pumps range from OH2 pumps, BB2 pumps, peripheral turbine pumps submersible and semi submersible pumps.

AxFlow Offer the following API Pumps

  • API 610
  • API 685
  • API 676
  • API 675
  • API 674

AxFloware also able to offer ISO 5199 pumps with API 682 seals and seal support systems.

Pump Materials

AxFlow are able to offer pumps with an extremely wide range of wetted materials.

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Produced Water

There are many different types and approaches to the separation of oil well fluids and because of this, a myriad of pump types are used.

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Separated Oil Processing

Slops Tanks are often located in the lower sections of the rig and because of this, Recovered Oil Pumps may need to cope with high heads, higher than normal viscosities and offer low shear pumping...

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Pumping Seawater

AxFlow have numerous different types of seawater pumps

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