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How eccentric Disc pumps work

Eccentric disc pumps consist of a cylinder and pumping element mounted on an eccentric shaft.

As the eccentric shaft is rotated, the pumping element forms chambers within the cylinder, which increase in size at the intake port, drawing fluid into the pumping chamber.

The fluid is transported to the discharge port where the pumping chamber size is decreased. This action squeezes the fluid out into the discharge piping.

Such pump technology operates on the eccentric movement principle. The disc is driven by an eccentric bearing on the pump shaft, creating four distinct pumping chambers that increase and decrease in volume as the disc is rotated by the eccentric bearing. This movement produces both suction and discharge pressures as the chambers move in pairs that are 180 degrees apart. This ensures that the fluid passes through the pump at a constant and regular flow rate with no pulsing, cavitation, slip or shear.

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