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How to select eccentric disc pumps


Generally when selecting Eccentric Disc pumps, much like any other type it is key to acknowledge the following information: 

  • Fluid you will be pumping 
  • Temperature of the medium being pumped
  • System pressures – Inlet & Outlet
  • Product viscosity

Eccentric disc pumps are beneficial if the following is required: 

  • Low shear
  • Line Clearance
  • Product recovery
  • Suction Lift

AxFlow offer a range of Mouvex Eccentric disc pumps, with a range of advantages allowing you to select the ideal pump for your specific application.

Our Mouvex Pumps features:

  • Very accurate volume metering enabling precise dosing and mixing for viscous or fluid products
  • High-speed priming and self-priming
  • Capability to run dry
  • Capability to clear the pipes (inlet and outlet)
  • Effective with both high- and low-viscosity fluids
  • Full drainability
  • Easy integration

How does an eccentric disc pump work


How to maintain eccentric disc pumps





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