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How to maintain eccentric disc pumps


Eccentric disc pumps tend to be low-maintenance and deliver the superior wear compensation, strong suction and low shear that is mandatory when handling these unique materials, with many Mouvex units having provided over 30 to 40 years of service with essentially no maintenance concerns.

Clean-in-place (CIP)

Eccentric disc pumps also feature simple, efficient clean-in-place/sanitize-in-place operation that does not require the vertical drain porting that drains lobe pumps of a large amount of their efficiency. In most cases, the CIP process starts with a water flush with concentrations of different cleaning solutions, such as a mild caustic, and perhaps a reheating of solutions that are circulated through the pump, piping and valves, and ending with a final rinse. In some instances, steam can be utilised in the place of water or other cleaning solutions.

With no need for mechanical seals, there aren't any surfaces present where products that are difficult to seal and prone to crystallization can adhere and cause damage, thus removing such maintenance concerns. 

How does an eccentric disc pump work


How to select Eccentric disc pumps


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