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Process Pumps

AxFlow GB has a range of Process Pumps suitable for a variety of applications.

AxFlow GB have a variety of  process pumps which includes many types of pump including ISO 5199, ISO 2858, mag drive, canned, plastic pumps and API process pumps.

AxFlow represent several world famous manufacturers of process pumps including: Gruppo Aturia, Hermetic, Argal and Wernert. 

Why Buy Process Pumps from AxFlow

  • We have the largest choice of process pumps in the UK so you will get the most appropriate pump.
  • AxFlow has over 60 years’ experience when it comes to process pumps.
  • AxFlow supports is sales of process pumps from 5 technical pump centres.
  • We are experts at pump repairer so we understand the practicalities of runniing pumps.
  • We have the capability to assemble the most complex pump sets.
  • AxFlow has several process pump test rigs.

AxFlow's process pumps are available in a multitude of materials ranging including 316 stainless steel, 904 Alloy, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex and Titanium.


  Type Standard Seal PP     ETFE Stainles Steel Hastelloy Duplex Titanium Max Flow m3/hr Max Head metres
ROUTE Centrifugal   Mag Drive         50 40
FRONTIERA Centrifugal ISO 2858 Mag Drive         90 40
ND Centrifugal ISO 5199 Mech Seal   1800 140
NDM Centrifugal ISO 5199 Mag Drive   1800 140
NE Centrifugal ISO 2858 Mech Seal         1500 140
SP Centrifugal   Mech Seal         2500 47
CN Centrifugal ISO 2858 Canned   1600 270
CAM Centrifugal ISO 2858 Canned   300 1000
SMKM Centrifugal API 610 Mech Seal   1200 400
SMKM-M Centrifugal API 685 Mag Drive   1200 400
CNP Centrifugal API 685 Canned   950 290
PD Centrifugal   Mech Seal         3500 180
TK-TKR Centrifugal   Mech Seal         850 800
STM Turbine API 685 Mag Drive   10 90
STDM Turbine API 685 Mag Drive   10 200
SNP Vane   Mech Seal         110 140
Magnes Vane   Mag Drive         118 140
Envirogear Gear   Mag Drive         113 138
S & SLS Ecc Disc   Mech Seal         38 160
Universal 420/520 Lobe   Mech Seal         100 340


Chemical Process Pumps

As the UK's experts in pumping chemicals AxFlow boasts an extremely large large of chemical process pumps

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Centrifugal Process Pump

AxFlow GB have a range of centrifugal process pumps. 

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