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Pumping Potassium hydroxide

AxFlow are experts when it comes to the challenges of handling potassium hydroxide (KOH), a corrosive compound widely used in various industrial applications. 

Challenges of Pumping Potassium Hydroxide

Handling potassium hydroxide (KOH), commonly known as caustic potash, presents unique challenges due to its aggressive nature and the viscosity changes that occur with temperature fluctuations. This strongly alkaline compound is a colorless solid with diverse applications. When dissolved in water, it produces a highly exothermic reaction.

  • Aggressive Nature: Potassium hydroxide is highly corrosive, demanding pumps made from materials that resist corrosion and can withstand its aggressive properties.
  • Viscosity Variations: The viscosity of potassium hydroxide changes significantly with temperature variations. Pump selection must account for these changes to ensure efficient and consistent pumping.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Potassium hydroxide solutions are temperature-sensitive, requiring pumps capable of handling varying viscosities caused by temperature fluctuations.

Examples of Potassium Hydroxide and Related Applications

Precursor Compounds

  • Cyanide Compounds
  • Carbonate Compounds
  • Phosphate Compounds
  • Permanganate Compounds

Fertilizer Production

  • Potassium-based Fertilizers

Biodiesel Manufacturing

  • Biodiesel Production Processes

Soap Production

  • Manufacture of Soap and Detergents

Battery Industry

  • Electrolyte in Alkaline Batteries

Pumping potassium hydroxide demands specialized pumps designed to handle its corrosive nature and adapt to viscosity changes caused by temperature variations. At AxFlow, our expertise lies in providing reliable and efficient pump solutions tailored to the challenges posed by potassium hydroxide in various industrial applications.

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