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High Temperature Oils

AxFlow have a large range of magnetic dive pumps and canned pumps avilable across the UK that can be manufactured to withstand temperatures of up to 450°C making them excellent for pumping thermal oils.

There are many challenges when pumping hot oils. Cavitaition can occur if the oil is too near its boling point unless there is enough pressure applied to stop this. Flashing at the seal face can be a problem when pumping hot oils so cooling and pump designs that ensure a higher pressure around the seal should be used.

Magnetic drive and canned pumps usually offer the safest and most relaible option for thermal oil applications as they contain the oil while avoiding the prolems of seal flashing. However, failure to select a pump that is capable of handling extremely high temperatures may result in leakages or potential seal failures.

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See below our mag drive & canned pumps catalogue which provides extensive information on pumping high temperature oils, and can guide you on the ideal pump for your application.

Mag Drive pumps provide a range of advantages when pumping high temperature liquids:

  • Magnetic drive pumps remove the need for traditional shaft seals, which tend to be prone to wear as well as leakages, which especially occurs in high-temperature applications. This sealless design allows for improved reliability and decreases the risk of oil leakage or contamination. As well as this, Mag drive pumps feature a hermetically sealed containment shell that isolates the pumped fluid from the external environment. This prevents vapor emissions, leaks, and contamination, making them suitable for pumping high-temperature oils
  • Mag drive pumps are typically constructed from materials such as stainless steel or titanium which are fortunately compatible with various oils and are able to withstand high temperatures without degradation, thus improving the pump's longevity and prevents corrosion.
  • Mag drive pumps offer precise control over flow rates and fluid handling, allowing for accurate dosing and metering of high-temperature oils. This is essential in applications where precise fluid delivery is required to maintain process integrity and quality

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Magnetic Drive Pumps

AxFlow boasts an extremely large choice of mag drive pumps.

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