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Plastic Pumps

AxFlow UK offer a wide range and choice of plastic chemical pumps and non metallic chemical pumps, specially selected for your needs.

AxFlow offer an extremely wide range of plastic chemical pumps, non-metallic transfer pumps for the UK market. Our portfolio includes mag-drive, mechanically sealed pumps, self-priming, and vertical types in a range of plastics including polypropylene, PVDF, ETFE, PE, and PVC. Our plastic pump types include centrifugal, turbine, vane gear, and AODD.

Horizontal Plastic Pumps

AxFlow have mag drive horizontal plastic pumps, but also mechanically sealed and lined horizontal plastic pumps.

axflow horizontal plastic pump performances

axflow horizontal plastic pump details


Plastic Self Priming Pumps

In addition to AODD pumps AxFlow have 5 ranges of self priming plastic pumps.

self priming plastic pump ranges


Vertical Plastic Pumps

AxFlow offer numerous types of plastic vertical pumps that not only include polypropylene and PVDF but also ETFE and FRP constructions.

vertical plastic pump ranges


Plastic AODD Pumps

AxFlow are UK market leaders in AODD pumps and offer 5 ranges of plastic AODD pumps. Plastic AODD pump range

AODD Pumps for Chemical Transfer


Magnetic Drive Pumps

AxFlow boasts an extremely large choice of mag drive pumps.

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Pump Materials

AxFlow are able to offer pumps with an extremely wide range of wetted materials.

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