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How to select vane pumps

How to select rotary vane pumps

As rotary vane pumps can represent a relatively low cost option compared with many other types of positive displacment pumps, their selection is mainly about the duty requirements in terms of flow and pressure and the nature of the liquid being transferred. If these fall within their capabilities then they may be the most economic option.

If you have a relatively low flow and a relatively high pressure requirement then a vane pump will often be the best solution.  If you need self priming then a vane pump may be the best pump type.

Rotary vane pumps with push rods behind the vanes can be used as dosing pumps as their performance will remain constant.

How does a rotary vane pump work. 

How to select rotary vane pumps

How to maintain rotary vane pumps

Rotary vane pump fault diagnosis



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