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How to select vane pumps

How to select rotary vane pumps


As rotary vane pumps can represent a relatively low cost option compared with many other types of positive displacement pumps, their selection is mainly about the duty requirements in terms of flow and pressure and the nature of the liquid being transferred. If these fall within their capabilities then they may be the most economic option.

If you have a relatively low flow and a relatively high pressure requirement then a vane pump will often be the best solution.  If you need self priming then a vane pump may be the best pump type.

Rotary vane pumps with push rods behind the vanes can be used as dosing pumps as their performance will remain constant.


Oil-sealed & Dry

Rotary vane pumps and systems can be either dry or oil-sealed.

The majority of rotary vane pumps tend to be oil-sealed, which means that they use oil as an operating fluid to perform a range of pump functions. The oil is used in order to lubricate the moving parts, seal the outlet valve, compress the gap between vanes and the working chamber, and ensures an optimal temperature balance.

Rotary vane pumps tend to use one of three specific lubrication styles:

  • The splash lubrication style which involves splashing oil onto components from an oil bath.
  • The oil-flooded lubrication style involves the heavy application of oil for moving parts. Oil contamination is likely in pumps incorporating this lubrication style.
  • Positive pressure which involves maintaining constant oil pressure for the highest level of lubrication

On the other hand, rotary vane pumps may be dry or in other words oil-less. This means that they use permanently sealed bearings or other isolation technology to eliminate oil in the fluid train. The moving parts of the pump generally still use oil, however in these designs oil is not used to seal valves or spaces in the working chamber, eliminating the possibility of fluid contamination. 

How does a rotary vane pump work. 

How to maintain rotary vane pumps

Rotary vane pump fault diagnosis




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