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How to maintain vane pumps

How to maintain rotary vane pumps

The most significant parts of a rotary vane pump when it comes to maintenance are its vanes. As the vanes run against the internal pump chamber walls they will wear over time. The rate of weardependent upon the following factors

  • Running speed ie the faster this is the higher the rate of wear.
  • The viscosity of the liquid, the thinner the liquid the quicker the rate of wear will be.
  • How many hours a day does the pump operate.
  • Dry running which will again wear the vanes away.
  • The presence of abrasive particles.
  • Materials of construction of both the vanes and the surfaces they are running against.

Because of the range of parameters the maintenance requirement will never be the same but a scheduled dimensional check of the vanes should always be undertaken.

Many vane pumps are fitted with pressure relief valves these should be checked on a regular basis.

In addition to the above, and depending upon the specific construction, components such as bearings, mechanical seals and electrical performance should always be checked on a regular basis.

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How to maintain rotary vane pumps

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