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Pump Repair Process

A brief outline of the journey a pump will take through our repair service. 


AxFlow GB offer a professional and documented pump repair  service- keeping you up to date at each stage of the process. 

Pump arrival

Pump in sent in to one of our service centre and booked in by one of our experienced engineers. 

Cleaning and stripping

Carry out a deep clean of the pump.

Inspection and Quotation

Inspect the pumps and send out a quote to the customer. 

Customer Go Ahead 

We then wait for customer go ahead to ensure you are happy with what we have proposed and price. 

Repairing of the pump 

Our team of experienced engineers will then repair pumps to the highest standard possible. 

Performance testing 

Using our onsite test rigs, we can test your pump ensuring it performs to high standards. We have the ability to carry out a range of tests including hydrostatic testing. 

Final inspections and quality control

Final checks to make sure the pump is being returned working and in excellent condition. 

Return to customer 



Insallation, Monitoring and Repair
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Hydrostatic Pump Testing

AxFlow UK hydrostatically test all pump repairs.

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Centrifugal Pump Repair

AxFlow UK have been repairing centrifugal pumps for decades.

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Hygienic Pump Repair

AxFlow are one of the leading suppliers of hygienic pumps to the UK food and beverage industry.

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Pump Service Team
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