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Pumping Sulphuric Acid

the unique challenges posed by Sulphuric Acid, a potent and corrosive chemical compound. AxFlow's expertise ensures the safe and efficient handling of this powerful substance.

Challenges of Pumping Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric Acid, a potent protonating and oxidizing agent, demands specialized handling due to its corrosive nature and dehydrating properties. When choosing pumps for sulphuric acid applications, the selection of materials becomes critical to ensure efficient and safe operations.

Key Characteristics of Sulphuric Acid

  • Corrosive Nature: Highly corrosive towards most materials, making material selection pivotal in pump design.
  • Dehydrating Properties: Acts as a dehydrating agent, stripping water from substances it contacts, influencing equipment compatibility.


  • Chemical Industry: Utilized in the production of various chemicals and intermediates.
  • Manufacturing: Used in metal processing, including pickling and galvanizing processes.
  • Fertilizer Production: Essential component in the manufacturing of phosphate-based fertilizers.
  • Petroleum Refining: Plays a role in refining processes to produce fuels and lubricants.

AxFlow, with its expertise, offers a range of pumps tailored for sulphuric acid applications, ensuring optimal performance and safety in diverse industrial sectors.