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Refrigerants & Propellants

Refrigerants are usually thin non-lubricating fluids with applications often characterised by low NPSH so care should be taken when selecting the pump type and the model.

AxFlow offer several ranges of pumps and compressors that have been especially designed for use with liquid refrigerants which are centred around magnetic dive and canned pump technologies, as they are best suited for optimising the efficiency & cost effectiveness of methanol pumping applications. Containment is also of importance when handling ammonia due the hazards associated with the escape of refrigerant gasses

See our Mag Drive & Canned Pumps catalogue for more information.

AxFlow can assist you in combatting the challenges of pumping applications for Refrigerants & propellants such as:

  • Low NPSH applications 
  • Chemical Compatibility: Pumps, gaskets, seals, and other components must be constructed from materials that are chemically compatible with the specific refrigerant or propellant to avoid corrosion and material degradation.
  • Vapor Pressure: Refrigerants and propellants are often gases at room temperature and pressure. Pumps may need to handle these gases efficiently and prevent gas bubbles from forming within the system.

Contact us if you have any queries regarding pumping refrigerants & propellants 

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