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How to maintain AODD pumps


Despite their phenomenal power considring their ability to handle extremely harsh fluids, AODD pumps tend to be rather simple in terms of their operation & maintanence.

Preventive maintenance procedures may involve:

  • Occasionally examining diaphragms for wear and replacing them if necessary: Using a stroke counter is a good way to keep track of approximately how many strokes to expect before a diaphragm needs replacing.
  • Reviewing the tightness of the pump’s hardware: This may prevent leakages & damaged seals. Pump hardware generally tends to loosen over time because of temperature changes and vibration. Hardware torque specifications can be found in an operation manual. Tightening hardware when the pump is under pressure is something to avoid.
  • Do your research: If you’re relatively new to AODD pumps, researching the performance of pumps in similar applications to yours, may be helpful in getting a rough idea of when your pump may potentially need wet side or air side repairs.


Air supply

It is key to understand that clean, regulated air is key for smooth pump operation.

As well as dirty air, the air pressure itself has a substantial influence on the efficiency of AODD pump operation. If the pump is receiving excessive air pressure the pump could cycle too quickly, therefore leading to substantial wear and failures – This can be solved through the installation of an air regulator or filter which will ensure the precise air pressure necessary for application thus maximising pump efficiency.

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