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Methanol Transfer

Methanol pumping applications can be challenging due to the low viscosity of Methanol and the low NPSHa which is often present. Please find the products below, specially selected by us to perform with the use of methanol and available across the UK.

At AxFlow UK we have a range of different pumps specially selected and suitable for pumping Methonal which are centred around magnetic dive and canned pump technologies, as they are best suited for optimising the efficiency & cost effectiveness of methanol pumping applications. Contact us if you have any queries regarding Methanol transfer pumps.

See our Mag Drive & Canned Pumps catalogue for more information.

Why you should use AxFlow's Mag Drive & Canned Pumps for Methanol Transfer:

  • Leak Prevention: Mag drive & canned pumps are hermetically sealed, meaning there are no mechanical seals or rotating shafts exposed to the pumped fluid. Thus reducing the risk of leaks and emissions of methanol.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Our Mag Drive & Canned pumps are constructed from materials such as stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy or other chemically resistant materials that can withstand the corrosive nature of methanol. Thus ensuring long-term reliability and a decreased risk of corrosion.

AxFlow pumps can assist you in combatting the challenges of pumping Methanol such as:

  • Low NPSHa
  • Fluid slippage
  • Poor lubrication in the pump chamber
  • Boiling

....In addition to which any slight problem with the pump's mechanical seal will result in off gassing.

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