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Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps

AxFlow can supply both internal gear pumps and external gear pumps

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AxFlow UK offers a large range of gear pumps from 3 manufacturers; Envirogear, Pulsafeeder, and Slack & Parr. Gear pumps are often used for high viscous and density applications as they can withstand high levels of pressure.

AxFlow offers all types of gear pumps including external and internal gear pumps, magnetically driven gear pumps, along with both metallic and plastic gear pumps.

External gear pumps are used for most applications due to their simple construction, ease of maintenance, and relatively low cost. How external gear pumps work. 

Internal gear pumps are generally used for high viscosity fluids, high temperature and low NPSH applications. How internal gear pumps work.

  SS Hastelloy C Steel Duct PVDF ETFE Max Flow m3/hr Max Pressure bar Gear Type Type
Eco Chemgear       12.5 13.8 External Mech Seal
Isochem       12.5 69 External Mag Drive
Eclipse         7.5 10.5 External Mag Drive
Envirogear       113 13.8 Internal Mag Drive


10 series from 4 manufacturers

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