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Pumping Methanol

Methanol, a fundamental chemical compound with multifaceted applications, demands precision in pumping due to its unique properties. At AxFlow, we offer specialized solutions carefully selected for Methanol handling.

Precision in Methanol Handling

Methanol, a versatile and vital chemical compound, finds applications in diverse fields, including automotive fuels, antifreeze, solvents, and as a feedstock for chemicals. However, pumping Methanol presents challenges due to its low viscosity, low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSHa), and tendency to boil. These challenges demand specialized solutions for safe and efficient chemical transfers.

Challenges in Pumping Methanol

  • Low NPSHa: Methanol's low NPSHa can create operational challenges for pumps, affecting their efficiency.
  • Fluid Slippage: The low viscosity of Methanol can cause fluid slippage within the pump, impacting performance.
  • Poor Lubrication: Methanol's properties can lead to poor lubrication in the pump chamber, increasing wear and tear.
  • Boiling: Methanol's low boiling point adds complexity, especially in applications with varying temperatures.
  • Mechanical Seal Sensitivity: Even minor issues with the pump's mechanical seal can result in off-gassing, requiring robust seals.

Examples of Methanol Applications

  • Automotive Industry: Methanol is used as a racing fuel and an alternative to gasoline.
  • Antifreeze Production: Methanol serves as a key ingredient in antifreeze formulations.
  • Chemical Synthesis: It acts as a precursor for various chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Solvent: Methanol is employed as a solvent in numerous industrial processes.

At AxFlow, we offer a carefully curated selection of pumps designed to handle Methanol with precision. Our range, centered around magnetic drive and canned pump technologies, ensures reliable performance and adherence to stringent safety standards in Methanol pumping applications.