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ATEX Pumps

Please see below Axflow UK's range of Atex pumps

All of our ATEX pumps are certified to ATEX Group II, Equipment Category 2(T4) - which makes their use permissible for ATEX 2GD.

We have many different types of ATEX pumps; ATEX centrifugal pumps, ATEX AOD pumps, ATEX rotary lobe pumps, Plastic ATEX pumps available across the UK. Here are our main ATEX rated pump types, hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for.

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A very large number of ATEX certified centrifugal pumps from ATEX rated ISO pumps through to ATEX certified plastic mag drive pumps.

Most of our AODD pumps are ATEX rated.

We offer two ranges of eccentric rotating ATEX pumps.

All of our external circumferetial disc pumps are ATEX rated range offers the benefits of low shear pumping with ATEX certification.

AxFlow offers many different ATEX rated gear pumps including both metallic and plastic model.

Our ATEX certified metering pumps range in size from small batch models up to high-pressure chemical injection unitss.

AxFlow's range of realax peristaltic pumps are all available as ATEX rated pumps.

Most of our vane pumps can be supplied as with ATEX certification.



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ATEX Explained

The ATEX regulations and labelling rules have evolved over many years and are complicated. Here's a simplified explanation.

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