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Separated Oil Processing

Exploring the complexities of separated oil processing unveils a world where precision and specialized solutions are paramount. In this arena, AxFlow stands as a leader and can offer expertise, efficiency and reliability for applications that require tailor made solutions.

Challenges in Pumping Separated Oil Processing

Pumping separated oil in slops tanks, especially in the lower sections of rigs, presents a series of challenges that demand specialized solutions. The unique conditions, including high heads, elevated viscosities, and the necessity for low shear pumping actions, require precise handling methods for optimal performance.

  • High Heads and Viscosities: Separated oil processing often involves high heads and higher-than-normal viscosities, necessitating pumps capable of handling these increased pressures and thicker fluids efficiently.
  • Low Shear Pumping Actions: Preserving the integrity of separated oil mandates low shear pumping actions to prevent alterations in the oil's properties. Maintaining the composition and quality of the oil is vital during the pumping process.

Handling Separated Oil Processing

  • Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps: AxFlow offers a unique range of solutions, including API 610 pumps, circumferential piston pumps, and  AODD pumps. These pumps are specifically designed to handle separated oil applications, providing reliable and efficient pumping under high heads and varying viscosities.

Examples of Separated Oil Processing and Related Applications

  • Offshore Rig Slops Tanks: Handling and processing separated oil and waste materials in offshore drilling rigs.
  • Oil Recovery Systems: Pumping and transferring separated oil in oil recovery systems for environmental cleanup operations.
  • Industrial Waste Treatment: Managing separated oil from industrial wastewater for safe disposal and environmental compliance.
  • Oil Refinery Waste Management: Pumping and processing separated oil residues in refineries for efficient waste management.

Pumping separated oil in slops tanks demands advanced technology and expertise. AxFlow's specialized solutions, ranging from API 610 pumps to AODD pumps, ensure efficient handling under challenging conditions. With our tailored approach, we guarantee the preservation of separated oil properties and maintain the highest standards in separated oil processing technology.