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industrial pumps

AxFlow are one of the biggest suppliers of industrial pumps in the UK

AxFlow has over 70 years history in the UK operating from 5 locations across the country from which we supply a large range of process pumps and comprehensive pump service and repair packages.

AxFlow has the widest process pump portfolio in the UK which includes AODD, vane, rotary lobe, progressive cavity, peristaltic, gear, eccentric disc, turbine, piston, axial flow, mixed flow and numerous types of centrifugal pumps including ISO 5199, API 610, mag drive, canned and line ranges.

AxFlow operate from 5 locations across the country Slough, Radstock, Huddersfield, Durham and Aberdeen offering comprehensive repair services including installation, monitoring and repair.


Process Pumps

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Magnetic Drive Pumps

AxFlow boasts an extremely large choice of mag drive pumps.

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Plastic Pumps

AxFlow UK offer a wide range and choice of plastic chemical pumps and non metallic chemical pumps, specially selected for your needs.

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Vertical Pumps

AxFlow offer one of the largest ranges of vertical pumps in the UK from plastic sump pumps to large axial flow units.

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Chemical Pumps

AxFlow UK offers different performance-based solutions to pumping corrosive liquids including plastic pumps, line pumps, and pumps made from exotic alloys.

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Borehole Pumps

AxFlow represent Gruppo Aturia the world leaders in large Borehole Pumps from sizes above 6" upwards.

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Acid Pumps

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